Awaiting restoration

A closing thought goes to those works still waiting: paintings, sculptures, furniture, drawings, books, documents, all yet to be restored.

The work accomplished until now has been immense, but, like in the case of the paper materials, there are many works of art that still need intervention: paintings (panel, canvas, frescoes, underdrawings), sculptures, and ecclesiastical furnishing coming from churches around the city and territory, currently in storage or restoration institutes.

In this exemplifying exhibition, we call attention to these works that risk being forgotten, to encourage adequate funding and interventions that can help support their restoration and restitution.

Among these is, more touching than ever, the deteriorated panel painting – originally at the base of a crucifix – which depicts Saint Anthony encouraging San Filippo Neri to lead a spiritual life, recommending the Florentine Church to him: perhaps exactly why the city was protected from plagues and apocalyptic disasters, like that of the flood 50 years ago.